About Anouk

My passion

Since I was a little girl I have been interested in and fascinated by horses.

Berber and I

My lovely Friesan mare, Berber, brought me on the path of Straightness Training (ST). A lot of trainers advised me to buy a ‘good’ horse instead of Berber. Berber was a very nervous horse. Always rushing and panicking often. She was sweating from ear to hooves after every training. Cantering was a disaster. She had the tendency to bring all the weight on her front legs and pushed tremendously with the hind legs. We both became very unhappy and frustrated. But I love this horse and did not want to give up on her.

I was lucky to find Marijke de Jong’s website. When I read the list of problems which might be caused by natural asymmetry, I realized what my horse had tried to tell me!! More than half of the symptoms mentioned in the list I recognized in my horse.

I started learning about ST and it was a long journey for me and Berber. We had ups and downs and learned to persist and have faith. I learned so much, it is hard to put in a few words, but the learning went far beyond horseriding alone. I am so happy that ST finally brought me and Berber to the level of Instructor. I am so proud of what we have accomplished but most important is that we have fun together every day.

ST Instructor

In 2014 I graduated in the Dutch professional program ‘Rechtrichten’, which Marijke de Jong started first in The Netherlands, and became a Dutch Instructor Rechtrichten. In January 2016 I successfully finished the education to be also a certified and licensed Straightness Training (ST) Instructor by Marijke de Jong ®, Grade 3 (D-licence). I became a member of an awesome international team of ST Instructors who all share their knowledge about Straightness Training with numerous horse-loving people all around the world. Coaching many students on their personal ST journey. Apart from the lessons, I give to Dutch students in my home country I feel extremely grateful to be invited to give lessons abroad. In the last three years, I  have been teaching groups of students with their horses in workshop settings in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and I aim to contribute and bring the valuable knowledge of ST to as many people and horses in the world.

I have also been trained to work as an Evaluator (Grade 1). I am a member of a great team of well-schooled ST Instructor colleagues.  As an evaluator, I give feedback to students in the ST Mastery program of the Straightness Training Academy. The students show their skills and progress in a video and receive a ‘lesson on paper’ from an evaluator providing them with valuable tips to proceed with their work at home.

Where am I based?

I live in the north of The Netherlands in Oosterzee with my husband and our three sons, where our own horse training-facility and dairy farm are located at the same venue. Our horses Berber, Linde, Pyt (Friesian horses), Casanova (Oldenburger) and Ulifia (a.k.a. Jet, Dutch warmblood) live at our farm. All five are being trained by the ST principles at various levels. Berber is my very special mare who got this whole ST journey started and Casanova is the most advanced (Grade 3) horse in the team. His training is proceeding to Grade 4 level. All have their own specialities, challenges, talent and unique character and I am very proud of my five four-legged friends!


I have an indoor riding school available for private lessons. It is also possible to come for a longer period of training. Your horse can stay at the venue and if needed I can give you the details of some great b&b facilities in the area. For both local and foreign students, who are a member of the ST Academy, I can also provide lessons with one of my well trained (professor-)horses.

If  you are interested in having a private lessson, participate in a workshop or coördinate an ST workshop at your own place don’t hesitate to contact me for further details.
It’s my passion to guide horses towards balance, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, to be able to enjoy the training with their human, doing the work they want to do together with ease, joy and lightness. When a horse and a human shine and feel happy, it makes me happy!

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